Tourist Visas to be issued to Belarusians by USA embassy in Minsk

The Embassy of the USA in Belarus has decided to make bigger the availability of the services of its consulate and has agreed to initiate issuing tourist visas, to the citizens of Belarus in the year 2018.

Robert Riley, U.S. Charge d'affaires to Belarus, said that this was the first time to enlarge the range of Minsk originating Consular Services. Steps are being taken, and the requirement of age, for non-immigration Visa Applicants, will be reduced from 70 years to 50 years. The new requirement will come into force from 1st November and apply for tourist visas, guest visas, and business visas (B1/B2 category). It will permit many citizens of Belarus to obtain visas.

The intention was to allow Belarus citizens, to submit applications, for non-immigration visas, during 2018. After many years any citizen of Belarus could reach the US embassy located in Minsk to obtain a US visa. Now they need not go to any neighbouring country.

Robert Riley also explained that this decision was taken owing to the declining relations present now among Russia the USA. The folding up of all visa services meant for citizens of Belarus in the USA embassy, located in Moscow, speed up the process. The visa attainment process became quite complicated for the citizens of Belarus. Providing visa services was accelerated, so that difficulties in Russia-USA relations, did not impact citizens of Belarus, he added.

The exact date of implementing the decision could not be specified owing to the performance of some groundwork by the embassy. Another development is that Applicants of any age, whose USA visa, of any variety, had expired in less than a year ago, can submit an application to get a new visa in Minsk. The procedure for other visa applications remains unchanged. Robert Riley extended his thanks to the government of Belarus and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their cooperation in this matter.

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