Types of Germany Student Visas

Germany-Student-visa-2016Germany is a popular destination among Indian students. Every year large number of students from India Migrate to Germany to pursue education in its top-notch universities.  The reason why many students from India prefer Germany is for its free education system from its government, outstanding universities, and simple process of its student visas. All these factors lure lot of Indian students towards it.

A student needs a Germany student Visa to pursue education in this nation. Overseas students could live in Germany after concluding their education for a limited time period for searching jobs and then to work there. Each year many international students get a job after concluding their degree in Germany.

Documents Checklist to apply for Germany Student Visa :

  • Valid passport
  • Application form
  • Photographs
  • College admission letter
  • Proof of education record
  • Proof of enough funds

Germany has got around 300 education institutions with over 15,000 various education programs. Student needs to secure a visa in order to study in Germany. Schengen visa permits the individual to reside in Germany for three months of time. Students can also take up short term courses during this period of time.

There are three types of Germany Student Visas and they are :

  • Language Course Visa
  • Student applicant Visa
  • Student Visa

Language course visa allows students to stay in Germany for their length of the course.

Student applicant Visa allows students to visit Germany for three months of time and look for their choice of study program, during that time period they need to enroll in any of the program. If they cannot enroll in the given time then they might be given an extension period of time on their visa.

Student Visa allows a student to apply to a University in Germany and if the application gets accepted by the University then they need to apply for German Student Visa.

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