Under Skilled Migrant Category Skilled workers can live and work in New Zealand

Under Skilled Migrant Category Skilled workers can live and work in New ZealandNew Zealand is a beautiful country. it is counted among peaceful nations among other countries in the world. Immigration to New Zealand has risen quickly since few years. With regards to its immigration policies, living costs etc, foreign immigrants like skilled workers and students has flooded into this country in large numbers in previous few years.

If an individual with high skills seeking to apply for a visa under the Skilled Migration Category (SMC) they need to submit their profile and if their profile gets selected then they are invited to apply for a visa in New Zealand.

New Zealand Skilled Migrant Category is for those individuals who got excellent qualifications, skills and work experience that this country requires.

Eligibility Requirement

Age of the applicant should be 55 or less than that

Applicant should possess good health and character

Applicant should posses’ proficiency in English Language

How to apply

There are two stages to apply for residence under this category and they are:

Stage 1.  Expression of Interest

Stage 2.  Residence application

Expression of Interest:  To apply for a visa under this category, first of all, you need to fill up an expression of interest (EOI). Your profile will get some points for your job, age, job experience and qualification etc. The points you had got would assist you in determining whether you need to submit and EOI for the process of selection or not.

Residence Application:  After your EOI gets selected, you would be invited to apply for a visa. The time it takes to process an EOI is 8 to 12 weeks. An invitation to apply has got details and document list and proofs that you would require to submit your application and after submitting your application, your application would get assessed and then you might be issued a visa. It normally takes around 6-9 months to process your visa.

Residence is granted under this category if an applicant shows that they:

Have got enough skills for filling the skills gaps in New Zealand

They would be transferring those skills to the country in line with the local requirement and prospects

They got ability to contribute to the country both socially and economically

They are intended to settle down in the country

Points to get selected

The more points your profile scores, there are chances that your profile gets selected to apply for a visa. 10 point is granted if you do the job in a location which is situated outside of Auckland and you get to score 20 additional points if your partner has skilled employment or employment offer. If you score 140 points or more, your EOI would get selected automatically. Your chances of getting selected would be more if you got a job offer in hand and you would get bonus points if you got job experience in an area that has got the shortage of skills.

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