US Cities You Should Not Work In – " You May NEVER Want To Quit "

USA-H1B-VisaWant to work in United State of America ? Trying to pick out cities? Here is a list of the best of cities to work in that you may never want to leave.

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio has around 30,000 job openings, average starting pay of US $40k. Does not sound like much? San Antonio has low cost of living, which means that this city is more affordable than most cities. System analyst, IT helpdesk and financial advisors are some of the most popular jobs in this Texan city.

Louisville, Kentucky

KFC and Taco Bell - Yum! What better reasons than these to live in Louisville. This town focuses on health care services and restaurants, which can be a great place for budding chefs or medical professionals. 16,000 and more job openings to choose from, the average base pay is the same as San Antonio $40,000. According to Greater Louisville Chamber of Commerce, this city has a "very attractive cost of living." If you want to make a living in the food industry or healthcare, this is the right place.

San Jose, California

Welcome to the San Jose, the soul of Silicon Valley where you have 51,000 plus jobs to choose from and start at an average of $99,000. While this is city is quite expensive to live in, it is the hub of technology and many technological giants operate from this city. This assures good growth in any organization. Jobs in IT and software dominate in this city.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City is the home of Zions Bank, Questar, eBay and Adobe. Take a pick from 18,000 openings approximately, get paid around $44,000 to begin with. Unlike San Jose, Salt Lake City is far more economical. Apart from IT, there are jobs in investment banking as well.

Seattle, Washington

Amazon (the online shopping jungle) and Starbucks homeland is Seattle. Along with other smaller companies, they have around 69,000 jobs to offer you. The average base pay is $70,000 which complements its cost of living. Another IT hub, there is no dearth of jobs in IT.

Austin, Texas

Austin has over 33,000 jobs to offer with a mean base pay of $50,000. IT and software engineers have a good scope, especially in the gaming industry. World of Warcraft is created here.

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