US DHS has extended STEM OPT to two years for F-1 students

US F-1 Student visaOverseas citizens who seek to pursue an advanced degree in the US has to get an F-1 student visa for doing so.

After the students on F-1 student visa got their degrees, they might be authorized to participate in the post completion OPT program related to their study fields for duration of one year.

 In order to get authorization, a student should apply to the school official at their institution, which endorses their application, permits the student to apply for Job Authorization Document (EAD), that established the identity of student and job authorization.

Students on F-1 student visa who got degrees in STEM fields who are employed by the employers in the US in E- Verify, has been able to apply for 17 month extension of their status of OPT.

Two Year Extension Program :

The US DHS has announced a final regulation that allows overseas students who got STEM degrees to apply starting on 10th May 2016, for a two year extension of their post completion OPT program. This two year extension replaces this present 17 month OPT extension.

Conditions to apply for OPT extension:

Student should presently be in a legitimate OPT period

Has got an advanced degree which is certified by the US CES and SEVP.

Work for an employer admitted in E-Verify who stays in good standing.

Applications for the extension might be submitted three months before in the present OPT job authorization expires and within two months of date the DSO enters the suggestions for OPT in SEVIS record.

Students on 17 month extension or has an application pending might apply for an extra 7months as they got minimum 150 days for valid job authorization remaining on date the extension application was filed. The petition for extension should be filed till or before 8th August 2016.

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