Visa Requirements for Hong Kong Entrepreneur Visa

Visa Requirements for Hong Kong Entrepreneur VisaEntry for investment for international entrepreneurs Hong Kong has special migration visa persons who are interested in starting a business can migrate to Hong Kong. This country has good booming economy and good environment. Hong Kong has many offers for everyone who includes workers, visitors, families and many others.

Immigration to Hong Kong has many benefits as well as a best tourist place, many excellent facilities and best immigration policy.

Hong Kong Entrepreneur Visa

The main criteria for granting the Hong Kong Entrepreneur Visa lies in, whether the applicant need to prove about the business importance to the economy of the Hong Kong. Applicants are allowed to bring their partner/spouse and dependent children under age 18 to Hong Kong. And the applicant is also eligible to apply Hong Kong PR in unpaid path.  This visa is given for 1 year and is renewable thereafter as long as business remains viable.

Required Documents of Hong Kong Entrepreneur Visa

  • Passport Validation
  • Proof of Identity card from Hong Kong
  • Submit Education Certifications
  • Proof of employment contract
  • 2 year of Business Plan
  • Proof of Abroad residence

Eligibilities of Entrepreneur Visa

  • An applicant under this arrangement should have no criminal confirmation and gather the security necessities of Hong Kong
  • He ought to in like to give affirmation of a respectable informative establishment, i.e. a graduate in the critical field, awesome particular abilities, apropos master limits, achievements, and experience
  • Similarly, the competitor must have the ability to demonstrate that he will resolve and make a significant duty to the money related plan of Hong Kong from end to end the development of occupations for the adjacent workforce
  • The usage of the organizations of neighborhood organization suppliers, and to encourage the association will make a pledge to the specific business sector which is toward within
  • Sufficient funds

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