Visit, Work, Study or Live in Spain- A Schengen landmark of Excellence

visit to spainSpain is the multicultural land of sophistication, football, Magnificent places, delicious cuisines and an enthusiastic workforce of skilled professionals. Spain comes under the Schengen area and its Visa requirements for any purpose will be laid according to the rules and regulation followed by the countries in the Schengen area.   Spain Visa Application depends on the purpose of travel: 1) Work Visa 2) Study Visa 3) Tourist Visa 4) Permanent Visa The application process of redeeming a Spain Visa can be done electronically and then submitting the form to the desired embassy for further processing. A valid passport with three to four passport size photographs is required. Depending on the purpose the person should keep in hand a to and fro ticket for Spain so that the claimant of Visa is valid issuer for the same. The categories in which Visas can be issued for traveling to Spain are: Spain Work Visa:

  • Offer letter from the firm in Spain with previous work Experience
  • Certificates and salary slip mandatory to be presented while procurement of a Work Visa
  • Bank statements of past 6 months
  • Income Tax proof and other government proofs pertaining to tax information
  • Sabbatical permission from the previous employer in case the immigrant has been issued leaves Self-Employed Visa
  • A valid business license
  • Bank statements of any bank approving the loan of the applicant
  • Proof of Income tax paid by the applicant
Student Visa:
  • Appointment or Enrollment letter from the designated University
  • NOC from previous school or college
  • Spanish Tourist Visa
  • Information about the sponsor or travel agency with travel itinerary
  • Details of the family members traveling with the concerned person
  • Bank Statements and passport copies
Spanish Visa for Business Applicant: The invite from the Spanish firm with which an agreement has been made for the business investment
  • Proof of business travel and its related certificates
  • Past trade information between the two companies
  • Income statements of the companies balance sheet along with bank details of the past six months
  • A letter to prove the expenses of the investor company in partnership with Spanish Company
  • Any Memorandum or a trade agreement with Proprietorship documents
  Other types of Visas issued to Spain are Religious Visit Visa, Medical Purpose Visa, Cultural Sports /Entertainment crew Visit Visa. Even visa has to claim for an underage child for its visit to Spain. For more updates follow us on Facebook ,Twitter , Google+ , Linkedin

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