What are the requirements to apply for a Danish Green Card?

Danish Green Card SchemeDenmark is a European nation and it has most popular countries in the entire globe for Immigration. It  is an amazing country which is famous for its greenery, eco-friendly lifestyle, and good quality of life as well as with low crime rate. These are the important prospects which made Denmark happiest country in the entire globe. For a professional skilled worker,  it would be a good career opportunity.

Denmark is the fastest growing nation with the best working life as well as with living conditions. Migrating to Denmark will be easy for skilled professionals. Danish Green Card Scheme will be the best way to migrate to the European Nation. Therefore, this Danish Green Card is totally based on the point-based immigration system.

Why is it right time to Migrate to Denmark

There are few reasons that describe  why one aims  to migrate to Denmark. Because of its  Ample job opportunities where you can develop your career as well as their country’s economy. Safest country to reside, which has security as well as it with  low crime rate. When comes to their lifestyle they maintain very high-quality of life with high- level standards. Education system offers high-quality education and training at all levels.

Point-based Immigration system

Points Calculator will decide whether an applicant is eligible for study/work in Denmark. In order to acquire Danish Green Card,  an applicant must score minimum 100 points through the Denmark point-based Calculator.

Points are calculated mainly under the age, education, work experience, Language proficiency, adaptability. An applicant must hold a Master’s Degree in order to acquire Danish Green Card.

Maximum points for this criteria are:

  • Age holds 15 score points
  • Education holds 80
  • Work Experience: 15
  • Language skills: 20
  • Adaptability: 10
These are the reasons and also important points to know about Danish Green Card Scheme. For more updates follow us on Facebook ,Twitter , Google+ , Linkedin  

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